Saegis is a provider of professional development programs and practice management services for Canadian physicians, healthcare professionals, teams, hospitals and clinics. Our high quality, specialized workshops, safety initiatives and cybersecurity training are designed to reduce risk and improve safety in healthcare.

A Member of the CMPA Family

Saegis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). The CMPA’s mission is to protect the professional integrity of physicians and promote safe medical care in Canada.

The CMPA family of organizations offers a continuum of services, resources and solutions to Canadian physicians as well as institutions and other healthcare professionals. While the CMPA continues to deliver the same medical legal and risk reduction services that members’ value (and are part of annual membership fees), Saegis complements existing CMPA offerings by providing new and extended services that meet the changing needs of Canadian physicians and other customers in the healthcare sector.

As a member of the CMPA family, Saegis is uniquely positioned to address the challenges in today’s healthcare environment. Physicians, healthcare professionals, hospitals and team-based practices can trust that Saegis programs and services will meet the high standards set by the CMPA. 

Why Was Saegis Created?

Since 1901, the CMPA has provided the medical liability protection that enables physicians to practice confidently and make decisions that result in better patient care. The CMPA is an essential component of the Canadian healthcare system, and Saegis contributes to the CMPA’s overarching goal of promoting safe medical care. The creation of Saegis allows the CMPA family of organizations to extend the spectrum of services offered to meet the evolving needs of physicians and the broader healthcare system.  Saegis was established by the CMPA in 2017. Learn more about the CMPA at

The Name “Saegis”

Our name was created by combining the words “sage” (wise) and “aegis” (shield). The name Saegis (pronounced sey-jiss) represents wisdom, knowledge, trust, protection, support and safety.

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