Are you the leader healthcare needs now?

August 04, 2022

As a healthcare leader, you know the increased pressure that the pandemic has added to an already burdened sector.
The numbers highlight the urgency of this challenge:

  • Physician burnout has nearly doubled during the pandemic, increasing from 30% to 53%.
  • 1 in 5 nurses in Canada are leaving their job each year.
  • Within the health and patient care industry in Canada, 66% of nurses report burnout.
  • Nurses reporting exhaustion rated their quality and safety of patient care 8 times lower than peers.

Even in the face of these immense challenges, we have seen at least one way that healthcare leaders can work to engage their staff and improve patient outcomes. And that’s by investing in their workplace culture.
You may be thinking: culture doesn’t change overnight. But culture can change when leaders like you take decisive steps to influence and improve their workplace.

  • Are you concerned that punishing errors discourages people in your workplace from talking about and learning from mistakes?
  • Have you ever had to encourage colleagues to speak up because they’re afraid they will be ignored or reprimanded?
  • Does it trouble you to see those you work with disengaging from their team or perhaps losing some of the joy that drew them to this work in the first place?

If these questions are on your mind, we invite you to learn how just culture can give you the tools and language you need to influence the norms in your workplace and create positive change for your team and your patients.

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