Reflections on Saegis’ Fourth Anniversary

August 23, 2021

By Margaret Hanlon-Bell, CEO of Saegis

On this, Saegis’ fourth anniversary, I would like to reflect on why the CMPA created Saegis and where our efforts are focused.

CMPA research showed that there was a greater need in the healthcare space for multidisciplinary, team- and institution-focused programs for reducing risk and improving outcomes for both patients and healthcare professionals. On August 23, 2017, Saegis was launched to meet that need. Our mission at Saegis is to deliver high impact programs and services that help all healthcare professionals perform at their best.  Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of healthcare professionals and patients. We know that knowledge and communication are key in improving patient safety.  The core areas we focus on are teamwork and communication, changing culture and  patient disclosure.  Saegis, through our Saegis Shield Program, helps to increase awareness of and develop strategies for protecting against cyber and privacy breaches within clinics and hospitals.

Many of you have had the toughest 18 months of your career and I whole hearted thank you for all that you and your teams have done. Amongst many things it has forced us to innovate and think of new ways of practicing and working with our colleagues and patients. In the future, even as we return to more face-to-face interactions, we see opportunities to combine them with these new, more virtual approaches.

With this comes new risks and challenges. At Saegis over the last 18 months we have converted many of our programs from an in-person model to an online delivery. This has allowed many of you to access our tailored professional development offerings, that you may not have been able to previously. Our evaluations tell us that these services have had an impact in how you manage unprofessional behaviour, work in a team or consider a Just culture approach for your workplace, to name but a few.  Even through the challenges of the pandemic we have been very privileged to continue working with departments, hospitals and health authorities to support clinicians in providing more effective care and in collaborating as teams. Our cybersecurity e-learning program, Saegis Shield has also begun to inform and educate you and your colleagues into the ever increasing risk of cyber-attacks against our healthcare system.

At Saegis we will continue to listen and look for opportunities to help and support you, your teams and your organizations so that you can deliver the best care to your patients. Thank you once again for all that you do.

– Margaret Hanlon-Bell

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