In five years

August 23, 2022

By Margaret Hanlon-Bell, CEO, Saegis

The most dreaded interview question of all time is ‘Where do you see yourself in five years’?

Five years ago, Saegis was launched with the ambition to support multidisciplinary teams in the development of essential skills and capabilities that help them perform at their absolute best: teamwork, communication, culture, and practice management. We know that improvements in these areas reduce risk and improve patient outcomes. But our programs were also specifically designed to produce better outcomes for you – the healthcare professionals that work so hard to keep Canadians healthy and safe.

Five years ago, we would have seen Saegis very much aligned to the aspiration of helping healthcare workers be their best. But the world we find ourselves in today demands a lot more from all of us.

The pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges and pain points. Our staff are burning out at an unprecedented rate at a time where Canadians need us most. To say the issues are complex is a vast understatement. But certainly, the programs and conversations Saegis undertakes with institutions, family practices, associations, health authorities and individual leaders are more critical than ever.

The challenges we face must be met with our full commitment and depth of skills. Thoughtful communication, professional behaviour and a culture of trust and psychological safety can no longer be categorized as nice-to-have. Managing change on a timeline can no longer fit neatly in one person’s job description. Keeping pace with digital tools and threats can no longer be pushed to the side of our desks if we are to truly keep our patients safe.

The leaders and teams who will succeed in the work of resetting imbalances, building a better system, and creating better outcomes at a lower human and financial cost, will need these supports as their foundation.

Where do we see ourselves five years from now? We are crafting our vision right now and a few things are clear.

We see ourselves continuing to push forward thanks to the incredible efforts and collaboration of our staff. Our small Saegis team works tirelessly to build the learning opportunities, behaviour change and professional environments that will enable you to deliver the best care possible.

Most importantly, we see ourselves continuing to partner with you – the professionals who we exist to support. We thank you for trusting in us, for sharing your learning and for investing in a better healthcare future for all of us.

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