Mar 27, 2018

News Release: New Collaboration Brings Just Culture to Canadian Healthcare

OTTAWA, February 2018 — An innovative program in organizational culture that has helped numerous organizations and healthcare institutions develop a more open and just culture is expanding across Canada through a cross-border partnership. 

Saegis, a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA), has partnered with American firm Outcome Engenuity, creators of the Just Culture model, to offer hospitals and healthcare leaders a new approach to organizational improvement. The Just Culture model has been successfully implemented around the world in high consequence industries such as healthcare, aviation, mining and rail.

Contributing to Patient Safety

“Partnering with Outcome Engenuity and offering the Just Culture program in Canada is an exciting initiative,” said Dr. Tom Lloyd, Director, Saegis Safety Institute. “There is a clear relationship between organizational culture, productivity, team morale and patient safety. Through this partnership, we will enable more positive and effective cultures in healthcare environments across Canada, and ultimately contribute to a safer and more sustainable healthcare system.”

“Given Saegis’ commitment to safe care, we can think of no organization more capable of helping Canadian healthcare providers and institutions make this critical step forward,” said David Marx, CEO of Outcome Engenuity.

Sound Logic for the Clinical Mind

Saegis will be offering healthcare leaders the opportunity to implement a Just Culture model, which includes the application of the Just Culture Algorithm™, the primary tool used for the investigation of safety events. Through a two-day in-person certification course, leaders will learn how to reinforce behaviour that supports and protects the organization’s values, improve systems, reduce negative outcomes and improve team morale. The course includes online resources and tools that allow for ongoing and cost-effective implementation of the program’s foundational elements. 

“One of the key reasons we chose to offer Just Culture training to healthcare teams in Canada is the sound logic upon which it is based,” added Dr. Lloyd. “The Algorithm is grounded in systems engineering, human factors and law. It will help leaders with a clinical background understand behaviour they see within their teams and give them the tools they need to address it.” 

Implementing the Just Culture Model

Saegis will offer open enrollment opportunities to take the Just Culture Certification Course. The first open certification course will be offered in Ottawa May 2nd and 3rd, 2018. Alternatively, hospitals, clinics or other healthcare organizations can invest in a more customized version of the program that is delivered on-site. 

 “The Just Culture model has become a cornerstone of American healthcare quality improvement. I’m confident the Just Culture program will provide lasting and positive results for Canadian hospitals, providers, patients, and families,” concluded Mr. Marx.

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