Dec 5, 2017

"Strategies for Managing Unprofessional Behaviour" Pilot Program is Highly Successful

On November 20th and 21st, Saegis conducted a pilot of its "Strategies for Managing Unprofessional Behaviour" program in partnership with a prominent Ontario hospital, and the feedback has exceeded our expectations:

  • 100 % of respondents agree that the workshop provided them with content they can apply to their everyday work
  • 100% rated the tools provided as good or excellent.
  • All respondents agreed that the workshop design encouraged their participation
  • All respondents expect this workshop to have a moderate to significant positive impact on their practice.

As one participant put it: “Excellent program! All people in leadership roles should do this.” 

Other respondents identified what they found to be highlights from the workshop as: the interactivity and discussions with other leaders, the scenarios that allowed them to apply the learning and find solutions, and the engaging facilitators.

Find out more about the program, and contact us at 1-833-435-9979 to discuss a customized program for your department or institution.

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