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About the SafeOR™ program

Every year in Canadian hospitals, one in eighteen people experiences a patient safety incident.  More than half of these incidents involve surgical care. But most do not result from a lapse in technical skill; they more often involve team non-technical skills and system factors.

SafeOR is a quality initiative with an emphasis on the refinement of non-technical skills. The program is designed to support hospital surgical teams in advancing safety, culture and efficiency within today’s Canadian operating room.

SafeOR Features

The SafeOR quality initiative aims to reduce the impact of patient safety incidents. Designed by frontline healthcare providers and quality improvement experts with input from human factors consultants and patient advisors, SafeOR works to:

  • Deepen our understanding of the factors that contribute to these incidents
  • Advance the culture of safety in Canadian operating rooms
  • Build more effective OR workflows and collaboration
  • Improve healthcare quality and outcomes for patients, families and care providers 

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