Here is what physicians and healthcare professionals have to say about their experiences participating in Saegis programs:

Effective Team Interactions

“This workshop was a tremendous educational experience – valuable tools packaged and delivered exceptionally well.”

“This course is a great tool for improving team effectiveness. Having a course that facilitates collaboration between physicians and nurses (and other disciplines) is something that is unique and can really help transform a team.”

“I found this course to be very helpful. I did the course with my entire team and we were able to see perspectives from across the divide and come away with a common philosophy.”

“This course solidified existing knowledge while providing new previously untested strategies to improve communication among staff members. After implementing some of these techniques there was a noticeable change to the positive, particular in long-term staff members resistant to change.”

Communicating Unexpected Outcomes

“Expertly facilitated course that engaged participants from all backgrounds and experience levels. I really appreciated the ability to learn with such a diverse group.”

“Very real and sincere facilitation which gave participants the courage to speak up and share their experiences and/or opinions.”

“It’s nice to see health care is embracing this topic from a multi-disciplinary approach.”

“Amazing workshop – presented a very practical framework and I really appreciated the expert facilitator.”

“This should be required in all major organizations for improved quality and safety”

“Disclosure of medical errors is essential and needs to be done in a responsible, empathetic and factual manner. This course provides you the tools to support and carry this task out in a professional and proficient way.”

“Disclosure is an element of patient/family centred care. The more we do to promote and respect patients and their families as equal members of the care team, the better the outcomes in general.”

Strategies for Managing Unprofessional Behaviour

“Excellent program! All people in leadership roles should do this.”

“Through a pragmatic and principled approach to addressing a wide range of unprofessional behaviours, the Saegis course arms physician leaders with the skill set needed to manage them confidently.”

Just Culture in Healthcare

“Excellent course. The implementation of this just and enlightened approach across health care settings, will improve patient care and safety; medical learning culture; and health care professional morale.”

“An excellent program. Just Culture workshops should be mandatory for all leaders in Canadian healthcare organizations. It is time to move from a culture that, often, resorts to blame and judgement to a ‘Just Culture’. “

“This workshop should be mandatory for all physicians during their training. It provides a language to define behaviour, a construct to encourage psychological safety within an organization, and a process for action that is transparent and fair.”

“Extremely professional and well done.  Great learning outcomes and great use of technology. The time flew by with great learnings.”

“Learning with a group invested in patient safety was wonderful. The multidisciplinary group enhanced discussions and the facilitators promoted a great learning environment.  The Just Culture Algorithm is an excellent tool that promotes a culture of accountability and learning in safety events”

Clinical Communication Program

“After 35 years in practice, it was liberating to see that I could completely change my style of practice. My colleagues are impressed with the changes, patients are happier, and I go home with much more satisfaction and a feeling of control. This was a great course and well worth the time and money, despite my initial scepticism.”