Communication Skills

Effective communication in healthcare is recognized as one of the most important contributors to patient safety.

Successful interpersonal interactions not only result in a range of positive outcomes for both patients and healthcare professionals, but also reduce medical-legal risk. Enhance your communications skills through one of our accredited programs.

Clinical Communication Program – Online

An intensive and comprehensive course designed specifically for physicians who want to reduce the risk of complaints and improve safety in their practices.

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Safer Opioid Prescribing

An evidence-based program, free of industry conflicts of interest and accessible to busy physicians and healthcare professionals through online webinars and workshops.

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Successful Patient Interactions – Online

This program helps physicians and other healthcare providers communicate more effectively with their patients. It is designed to equip participants with tools to improve skills, increase work satisfaction and reduce risk.

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Effective Team Interactions – Online

This workshop-style online program provides practical strategies for effectively communicating with healthcare colleagues, in order to reduce risk and improve patient safety.

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Strategies for Managing Unprofessional Behaviour for Leaders – Online

This interactive workshop helps healthcare leaders recognize and manage unprofessional behaviour in their teams. This training will equip you with the strategies, knowledge, and skills to effectively address behavioural challenges.

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Communicating Unexpected Outcomes for Leaders – Online

This program is design to improve the skills of healthcare leaders in supporting their teams of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in disclosing clinical errors with honesty, empathy and respect.

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Communicating Unexpected Outcomes for Clinicians – Online

The Communicating Unexpected Outcomes - Clinician Masterclass is a half-day workshop designed to improve transparency with patients and families after unexpected clinical outcomes.

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