Specialty Programs

OuR Team: A Surgical Safety Primer

OuR Team: A Surgical Safety Primer was developed by clinicians from the Saegis SafeOR™ Team and the CMPA Practice Improvement Team, OuR Team is an interactive webinar focused on the team dynamics that influence surgical outcomes.

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Saegis Shield

Saegis Shield is a cybersecurity and privacy education program that addresses the unique needs of Canadian healthcare environments.

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Safer Opioid Prescribing

An evidence-based program, free of industry conflicts of interest and accessible to busy physicians and healthcare professionals through online webinars and workshops.

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Saegis Coach Training for Physicians

This coach training program leverages the MCC-360, a multi-source feedback assessment tool created by the Medical Council of Canada, and builds a hospital's or institution's internal capacity to provide feedback and coaching to physicians who participate in the MCC-360 evaluation.

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MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program

This program combines the MCC 360, a multi-source feedback assessment tool administered by the Medical Council of Canada, with individual coaching. In addition to the evaluation report, participants receive one-on-one time with Saegis' experienced peer coaches.

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SafeOR™ is a quality initiative with an emphasis on the refinement of non-technical skills. The program is designed to support hospital surgical teams in advancing safety, culture and efficiency within today's Canadian operating room.

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