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Comprehensive Cybersecurity and Privacy eLearning for Canadian Healthcare
Leading experts have said that cyber attacks are only partially prevented by technology and human defence is critical. 
Having an engaged clinic team to collectively reduce risk through effective awareness training is essential. Saegis Shield provides continuous educational opportunities to reinforce learning and keep staff engaged in risk mitigation over the long term.



FREE eLearning Modules: COVID-19 Healthcare Cybersecurity

Free Mini-Modules for Healthcare Professionals

The COVID-19 crisis provides the perfect opportunity for socially engineered cyberattacks. During this crisis there has been a dramatic surge in cyberattacks against hospitals, physicians and healthcare professionals.

With the move to virtual care due to quarantining and social distancing, the vulnerability of our Canadian healthcare system is at an all-time high. To help support health professionals manage this increased risk, Saegis has released a free eLearning course to Canadian physicians and their healthcare teams.



About Saegis Practice Management

In addition to offering cybersecurity elearning, Saegis Practice Management is currently developing other resources to help healthcare practices reduce risk and improve quality of care. For updates about new solutions and services, please sign up for the Saegis eNewsletter. 

Saegis is proud to support the Ontario Medical Group Management Association (OMGMA) as a 2019-2020 Business Partner.

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