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Saegis Cybersecurity Solution

Cybersecurity & Privacy eLearning for Canadian Clinics

Cybersecurity and privacy breaches are a growing problem in healthcare... are you confident your practice is safe?

The Saegis Cybersecurity Solution is an awareness and education platform with training and tools customized for small and medium-sized Canadian clinics.  It is a user-friendly service that provides relevant online training without disrupting day-to-day operations.

With up-to-date resources and tools, the Saegis Cybersecurity Solution will support your clinic’s compliance with privacy requirements to help protect your patients, team and clinic.

click here to purchse.pngHow to Purchase the Saegis Cybersecurity Solution

The Saegis Cybersecurity Solution is offered as an annual subscription.

An annual subscription can be purchased:

  • For up to 5 users: $250 per year
  • For up to 10 users: $500 per year
  • For up to 15 users: $700 per year
  • For up to 20 users: $850 per year
  • For up to 25 users: $975 per year
  • For more than 25 users, please contact us for pricing

To purchase a subscription, click hereCyber quote EN.jpg

Key Features Included:

  • Computer-based micro training modules  & simulations 
  • Staff + clinic risk scores & dashboard   
  • Incident registers & breach logs templates  
  • Webcasts by privacy & security industry experts 
  • Cybersecurity email updates
  • Policy development templates & tools 
  • Tech solution resources

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How the Solution Works

how the solution works.PNG


Practical.pngInnovative and Effective
  • Uses micro-training modules designed to fit into the hectic clinic routine
  • Evidence-based approach that builds awareness and educates the team on cybersecurity and privacy threats
  • Targets both the technological risks and human error

Customized.pngCustomized and User-friendly
  • Built specifically to address clinic’s healthcare cybersecurity and privacy needs 
  • A team-based approach to help clinics protect themselves and their patients.
  • User-friendly, online platform that is managed for you
  • Easy-to-use resources and tools
Relevant.pngData & Reporting
  • Individual and collective risk scores reported through an interactive dashboard
  • Identify areas of risk and learn about how you can do to improve the safety of your practice
  • Help protect patient information and quality of care
  • Perfectly suited for small to medium clinics
  • 1-year subscription starting at $700
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