Saegis Shield

Cybersecurity & Privacy eLearning for Canadian Healthcare

Saegis Shield is a cybersecurity and privacy education program that addresses the unique needs of Canadian healthcare environments.

It is designed to strengthen what experts consider the best defence again cyber-attacks: the human defence.

Who is Saegis Shield for?

Canadian healthcare professionals, including:
  • Physicians, nurses and other providers
  • Clinic directors, administrators, managers and staff
  • Hospitals and heathcare institutions 

How does it work?

Saegis Shield is a subscription-based online platform that is affordable and user-friendly. Healthcare professionals simply log in and are provided with:
  • Summary reports on the current level of cyber risk in the healthcare environment
  • A curriculum of online courses designed with busy healthcare schedules in mind – even one 15-minute module per week can help clinic and hospital staff develop cybersafe habitsSS computer.png
  • A measure of individual and organizational readiness to prevent, recognize and manage costly breaches
  • Cybersecurity and privacy resources including templates, posters and tools to help fully equip your healthcare team and ensure adherence to privacy regulations

How to purchase Saegis Shield

Saegis Shield is offered as an affordable annual subscription at $42 per user per year. Subscriptions are available in increments of 5 users:

  • Single user: $100 per year
  • Up to 5 users: $210 per year
  • Up to 10 users: $420 per year
  • Up to 15 users: $630 per year
  • Up to 20 users: $840 per year
  • Up to 25 users: $1,050 per year
  • Contact us for pricing for clinics or teams of more than 25 users.

For more information and to purchase Saegis Shield, click on the button below to email the Saegis team.

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Additional Features and Benefits

  • Saegis Shield is delivered through a learning management system designed specifically for user-friendly online training
  • The curriculum is continuously updated based on the evolving cybersecurity and privacy landscape, particularly in healthcare.
  • Quarterly engagement is maintained through podcasts and webinars 
  • It includes an ‘Ask the Expert’ feature for both cybersecurity and privacy questions
  • Modules are accessible across devices and can be listened to with an audio only file.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us toll-free at 1-833-435-9979.

For general questions or inquiries

Questions or an inquiry about Saegis? Feel free to contact us. We respond within 2 business days.