Practice Management and Cybersecurity

Saegis specializes in understanding the distinct business challenges facing physicians and clinics in today’s healthcare system.


Saegis Cybercurity Solution

Online cybersecurity and privacy resources for Canadian clinics

Privacy breaches are a growing problem in healthcare. Hackers are more sophisticated now than ever and at the same time, privacy legislation around personal health information is evolving and many clinics, unknowingly, are non-compliant.

The Saegis Cybersecurity Solution is an online resource, with training and tools customized for Canadian clinics’ unique needs. It is a fully managed service that is affordable, practical, efficient, and user-friendly. It provides relevant online training without disrupting day-to-day operations.
Clinics will be able to subscibe online here as of October 2019


Why invest in the Saegis Cybersecurity Solution?

Cybersecurity - A single breach can result in clinic downtime and the loss of access to essential patient and scheduling information, impacting your clinic’s reputation, efficiency and quality of care.

Privacy - With up-to-date resources and tools, the Saegis Cybersecurity Solution will support your clinic’s compliance with privacy requirements to help protect your patients, your team and clinic.

Practice Management Services In Development

Saegis Practice Management Services is developing other resources to assess your practice or clinic’s needs and help you reduce risk, improve quality and ensure your practice management and administration processes are as effective and efficient as possible. You will have more time to focus on patients and need to spend less time on administrative activities.

If you are interested in our upcoming practice management services, please contact us directly by phone: 1-833-435-9979

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