Programs for Healthcare Institutions

The Saegis Safety Institute delivers highly effective and targeted programs that address the clinical, organizational, cultural and procedural challenges facing health authorities, hospitals and other institutions.  These programs can be offered on-site at hospitals or healthcare institutions.

Just Culture Certification Course

A just culture is a system of justice that takes into account both socio-technical system design and human factors. This innovative professional development program will help healthcare institutions adopt a culture of learning that can improve patient safety. Leaders will learn how to reinforce behaviour that supports and protects the organization’s values, and to improve systems, reduce negative outcomes and improve team morale. The course provides participants with access to online resources and tools that allow for ongoing and cost-effective implementation of the program’s foundational elements.

Strategies for Managing Unprofessional Behaviour

This comprehensive program for leaders assists them in recognizing and addressing unprofessional behaviour within their healthcare institutions. Our program equips participants with strategies, knowledge and skills to manage behavioural challenges within their healthcare teams and establish an effective institutional culture to underpin this knowledge. 

Communicating Unexpected Outcomes - Clinician Masterclass

Communicating Unexpected Outcomes - Clinician Masterclass is a half-day workshop designed to improve transparency with patients and families after unexpected clinical outcomes. Offered on-site at healthcare institutions, the program will enhance the communication skills of individual providers, healthcare teams and organizations for discussing unexpected outcomes to patients with honesty, empathy and respect.

Communicating Unexpected Outcomes - Leader Masterclass

The Communicating Unexpected Outcomes - Leader Masterclass is a half-day workshop, offered on-site in healthcare institutions, that will improve the skills of healthcare leaders to better support their teams of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in disclosing clinical errors with honesty, empathy and respect. Prerequisite: Communicating Unexpected Outcomes - Clinician Masterclass.

Other Programs for Physicians and Healthcare professionals

Saegis also offers Programs for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals. Individuals can register for scheduled open session via the All Programs page, or a customized session can be designed for healthcare teams on-site at hospitals and healthcare institutions. Click on the program name below for more information:


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  • For customized team sessions, contact us at 1-833-435-9979 to book a program specifically for your institution

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