The Saegis SafeORTM program is a transformational initiative to generate lasting improvements to the safety and culture of hospital operating rooms. SafeOR leverages intra-operative data and insights from the OR Black Box®, engineered by Surgical Safety Technologies (SST), to deliver customized education and safety improvement solutions for OR teams. 

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Unique Program Features

This program is designed for multidisciplinary operating room teams in hospitals. Its features include:

Leading Edge Technology

  • The OR Black Box, engineered by SST, provides comprehensive intra-operative data from integrated devices, equipment and sensors in the operating room.
  • Data is encrypted and de-identified to ensure security and anonymity.

Unique Data & Insights

  • Data is analyzed by highly trained analysts with clinical backgrounds, and through artificial intelligence.
  • Findings provide valuable insight into both technical and non-technical skills.

Education & Solution Generation

  • Multidisciplinary education and training sessions include all members of the OR team. 
  • Education, customized coaching and recommendations are insights-based and hospital-specific. 
  • Quality improvement (QI) opportunities are identified for further prioritization.

Program Phases

1. Planning & Socialization

A critical success factor for the program is the Planning & Socialization phase. Before OR Black Box data is collected, a series of planning meetings, communications activities and orientation sessions will ensure impacted personnel are fully informed. A safety survey is also conducted to establish baseline measurements. This phase is carefully designed to alleviate concerns regarding the impact of data collection and provides a solid foundation for successful program implementation.


2. Education & Quality Improvement

The SafeOR program’s targeted education and quality improvement activities will allow the hospital to implement sustainable changes to transform the safety, culture and efficiency of their ORs for the long term. It includes training for the OR team and project champions, multidisciplinary rounds based on hospital-specific findings and educational sessions for specific disciplines such as nursing. Saegis provides Quality Improvement support to the hospital's quality improvement team in:

  • Understanding and analyzing the findings
  • Identifying issues, recognizing opportunities for improvement and articulating quality improvement objectives
  • Generating solution ideas and selecting the interventions to be prioritized and implemented
  • Implementating priority solutions and intervention.

For example, QI solutions and interventions may include educational sessions, customized coaching and changes to policy, protocol or procedure.

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