SafeORTM is a quality initiative designed to advance the safety, culture and efficiency within Canadian operating rooms. The program provides the tools needed to leverage the data and deep analytics of the OR Black Box® platform.  These learnings inform customized and evidence-based education and solutions for operating room teams. SafeOR supports a collaborative interdisciplinary learning environment that contributes to a culture of safety.

SafeOR is offered on-site at Canadian hospitals.

Unique Program Features

This program is designed for multidisciplinary operating room teams in hospitals. Its features include:

Education & Solutions Generation

  • Interdisciplinary education and interventions for members of the OR team. 
  • Customized coaching and recommendations are insights-based and hospital-specific. 
  • Quality improvement (QI) opportunities are identified and prioritized.

Leading Edge Technology

  • The OR Black Box platform, engineered by SST, provides comprehensive intra-operative data from integrated devices, equipment and sensors in the operating room.
  • Data is encrypted and de-identified to ensure security and anonymity.

Data & Insights

  • Data is analyzed by highly trained analysts with clinical backgrounds, and through artificial intelligence.
  • Findings provide valuable insight into both technical and non-technical skills.

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