SafeORTM is a quality initiative designed to advance the safety, culture and efficiency within Canadian operating rooms. SafeOR leverages human factors research, intraoperative data and the deep clinical analytics provided by the OR Black Box® platform. The program includes interdisciplinary learning opportunities focused on team non-technical skills and provides support and coaching tailored to the team’s quality improvement needs.  The goal of SafeOR is to inform safe surgical care and advance surgical safety. 

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Program Elements

Key elements of the SafeOR program are outlined in the figure below and include: education opportunities, augmentation of local quality improvement capacity, innovative technology, and rich data analytics to inform tailored debriefing and coaching:



  • Surgical safety, adverse events and risk.
  • System factors and latent threats.
  • Non-technical skills and surgical outcomes.
  • Workplace culture and psychological safety.
QI Augmentation 
  • Assess system QI capacity and support local champions. 
  • Foundation workshops in QI methodology.
Innovative Technology
  • Synchnorized intra-operative information is analyzed by a combination of highly trained clinical analysts and artificial intelligence.
Data Insights
  • Reports and analytics are accessed through a user-friendly portal.
Enhanced Debriefing
  • Learning opportunities driven by hospital specific analytics that expand on the initial SafeOR education sessions.
QI Coaching
  • Ongoing collaboration providing QI support, team training and individual tailored opportunities.

These components work together to strengthen the resiliency of the OR team, and increase the hospital's capacity to advance the safety, culture and efficiency of their operating rooms.

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