Nov 8, 2018

New from Saegis: The Clinical Communication Program

Saegis is very pleased to now offer the Clinical Communication Program (CCP). This highly intensive 6-month interpersonal skills training program greatly enhances doctor-patient communication. The CCP is carefully designed to improve performance and reduce the risk of litigation or complaint. It creates significant behavioural and attitudinal change to improve safety and to renew enjoyment in the practice of medicine. Participating physicians have seen a reduction in complaints and claims brought against them*.

Developed by the Cognitive Institute, in Australia, and the Medical Protection Society (MPS), a global physician protection association, the CCP has a proven track record of success worldwide and is offered in Canada exclusively by Saegis. This program is ideal for physicians who need to strengthen their communication skills and improve interpersonal skills.

6 months, consisting of three phases that involve 20 hours of face-to-face interaction with facilitators and peers, 4 hours of telephone mentoring and counselling and 6 hours of reflective activities. The CCP’s carefully designed process requires physician participation in all three phases.

Key Features 

  • A maximum of 6 physician participants per session to provide tailored instruction and feedback.  
  • Physician facilitators skilled at helping participants overcome personal and performance barriers to achieve personal and program objectives. 
  • A trusting, supportive environment conducive to learning and self-reflection where participants are free from embarrassment, threat or shame and feel comfortable extending themselves.  
  • Activities tailored to meet the specific communication training needs of each participant. 
  • One-on-one coaching by facilitators that contributes to the participant’s success.
  • A real-world, results-focused approach that incudes developing a tailored action plan. 

Studies show this course is highly effective in preparing physicians to practice in a way that reduces future claims and litigation risk for those identified as posing a significantly higher risk than their peers**. 

This is what past participants have to say about the CCP:

  • “I feel very confident about making significant changes in the way I deal with patients.” 
  • “Appreciated the atmosphere – rapport. Very supportive and non-judgmental.” 
  • “Well presented. Well-constructed. Very good feedback and very good explanations.” 
  • “Simulated patients were particularly useful.” 
  • “Just do it! You cannot imagine the benefits to you and your patients.” 
  • “Much more relaxed and empathetic with my patients.” 
  • “The CCP course is one of the best, perhaps the best, professional development course I have ever taken. I thought I was a good clinician and communicator, but this course showed me I had been missing important ways to improve my interactions with patients. The content is evidence-based and the skills it teaches are efficient and practical. The coaching within the course and afterwards by the facilitators was the best personal instruction I have received since my residency. After incorporating these approaches into my daily practice, I’ve found my clinical work more effective and more rewarding.  I wish I had taken this course thirty years ago. If you get a chance, take it. It’s hard work, but you’ll be glad you did."
* Medical Protection Society  
** Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management 2014; 9: 1

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