What is Saegis Cybersecurity Solution?

The Saegis Cybersecurity Solution is a risk management platform specifically designed for health care teams. The online platform provides awareness training for clinicians and employees on their privacy and security obligations, assesses the risk scores of team members and provides ongoing tools and tests to help build an effective cybersecurity program. Saegis Cybersecurity Solution also provides guidance on the policies clinics need to have in place to effectively protect patient data.

It starts with a short online baseline assessment that is sent to all staff along with a core training program. The results determine individual risk scores and are aggregated to gauge clinic cybersecurity risk. Based on this assessment, Saegis engages an effective behaviour change strategy which delivers regular tailored simulation-based training bursts for all staff.  Over time, as behavior changes are reinforced and sustained, aggregate clinic risk is reduced. The solution is a holistic approach that focuses on effective awareness training, secure technology, strong policies and behaviour change. 

Is Saegis Cybersecurity Solution an antivirus?

Saegis Cybersecurity Solution is NOT an antivirus and will not protect your clinic from cyber attacks. It provides staff with education and training that supports clinics with necessary policies and procedures to help protect clinics from a breach caused by human error. 

Why do I need Saegis Cybersecurity Solution?

Most cyberattacks are attributed to human error or risky behavior. The Saegis Cybersecurity Solution provides the benefits of:

  • A managed service – Saegis will manage the setup, automate and regularly schedule training and simulations
  • A holistic approach – by engaging all staff members and encouraging your team to work together to collectively reduce clinic risk as well as focusing on technology, people, processes, culture.

Is Saegis Cybersecurity Solution cyber insurance?

Saegis Cybersecurity Solution is NOT cyber insurance and will not protect your clinic from cyber attacks. It provides staff with education and training and supports clinics with necessary policies and procedures to help protect them from a breach. 

Is Saegis Cybersecurity Solution a software product or a service?

Saegis Cybersecurity Solution is an online platform where the software licensing and delivery model is on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is a cloud-based behavior change platform that quickly integrates with any environment.

I run a very small clinic (1-5 physicians); do I need to have such a solution?

Small clinics are often targeted by hackers because they tend to have weaker security procedures in place. In nearly every cyber-attack, the goal is to steal and exploit sensitive data, which includes patient health information, credit card information, or personal identity information.

What are the subscription terms?

The subscription is activated upon receipt of payment for one year and is automatically renewed on an annual basis. An online payment service enables clinics to manage annual recurring subscription payments within the application. A renewal notice will be sent 60 days prior to the renewal date at which time you must confirm the number of users and payment information. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must notify us in writing at least 30 days prior to your renewal date in order to stop your subscription at the end of the current billing cycle.

How many users can I have as a Clinic?

There are 3 levels of packages available 0-15 users, 16-20 users and 21-25 users. Any clinics with over 25 users can contact Saegis to receive a customized package.  At the annual renewal, clinics will be asked to verify the current number of active users and adjust their package accordingly for renewal.

What kind of support is provided to subscribers?

Saegis will provide support during business hours from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Eastern Time. Support is available by calling Saegis (1-833-435-9979) or emailing Saegis at info@saegissolutions.ca. We will attempt to address your concerns immediately; however, in the event that we are unable to, we will make all reasonable efforts to respond to any support requests and initiate resolution within two (2) business days of receipt to our support email.

How are clinic staff provided with education about Cybersecurity and Privacy?

Users can navigate to educational training modules on their dashboards. The Saegis basic training program includes 6 core modules for users to complete. They are: 

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity in Clinics
  • Saegis Cybersecurity Awareness 101: The World of Cybercrime
  • Saegis Cybersecurity Awareness 102: Hacking Humans
  • Saegis Cybersecurity Awareness 103: Malware
  • Saegis Cybersecurity Awareness 104: Securing Yourself
  • Managing a Privacy Breach

Users are also able to enroll in any of our many supplemental courses. Once users have completed the 6 core modules, they will receive phishing simulations. If a user clicks on a link in a phishing simulation, they will be assigned a remedial training course. 

Users will also receive regular training materials in the form of courses, webinars or newsletters.

For general questions or inquiries

Questions or an inquiry about Saegis? Feel free to contact us. We respond within 2 business days.