Programs for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

The Saegis Safety Institute offers in-depth, evidence-based safety programs for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Accredited Online Workshops

The uncertainties and increased pressure of the pandemic will bring to light new and existing organizational, cultural and systemic issues that impact all healthcare professionals. Our accredited online workshops will help health leaders and teams effectively address these issues in a sustainable way. These virtual offerings leverage videoconference and eLearning tools to provide the same interactive content as our in-person workshops:

This workshop teaches healthcare team leaders and managers how to implement a fairer, more consistent, and more constructive way of looking at errors and near misses, considering both individual and system factors.
This workshop supports healthcare leaders in recognizing and addressing unprofessional behaviour. It equips leaders with the strategies, knowledge, and skills to manage behavioural challenges within their healthcare teams.
Online Workshop: Effective Team Interactions 
This workshop will enhance communication strategies and skills to cultivate a team environment that encourages questions and learning from mistakes and enable more effective and safer interactions between healthcare colleagues.
Safer Opioid Prescribing Skills 

An innovative and effective learning program developed by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine’s department of Continuing Professional Development, to help physicians, healthcare professionals and nurses reduce risk when prescribing opioids. 


Multi-Source Feedback & Coaching

MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program

This program is offered to physicians through a partnership with the Medical Council of Canada (MCC). 

This program brings together the MCC 360, a multi-source feedback assessment tool, with coaching by experienced and objective facilitators. By working directly with participants, coaches help them effectively interpret the MCC 360 feedback and determine an action plan to positively move forward. Click here to learn more about the program. 


In-Person Workshops

(currently on hold due to COVID-19)

Designed specifically for the challenges you are facing today, our practical and interactive programs equip you with the tools you need to improve your skills, adapt behaviours, reduce risk and, most importantly, improve safety for your patients. 

Effective Team Interactions 

An accredited one-day workshop to enable more effective interactions within inter-professional teams, for the sake of safer healthcare.

Successful Patient Interactions

A one-day workshop to assist physicians and other healthcare providers achieve more successful interactions with their patients, for a safer healthcare experience. It was developed in partnership with the CMPA and leverages the CMPA’s breadth of knowledge and understanding of physicians’ needs and healthcare safety issues. 

Clinical Communication Program 

An intensive and comprehensive three-day course designed specifically for physicians who want to reduce the risk of complaints and improve safety in their practices.

Strategies for Managing Unprofessional Behaviour

This comprehensive program for leaders assists them in recognizing and addressing unprofessional behaviour within their healthcare institutions. Our program equips participants with strategies, knowledge and skills to manage behavioural challenges within their healthcare teams and establish an effective institutional culture to underpin this knowledge. 

Just Culture in Healthcare Certification Course

In this professional development program,  leaders will learn how to reinforce behaviour that supports and protects the organization’s values, and to improve systems, reduce negative outcomes and improve team morale. The course provides participants with access to online resources and tools that allow for ongoing and cost-effective implementation of the program’s foundational elements.

  • Just Culture in Healthcare Certification Course - Program details
  • View a brief video about the concept of Just Culture
  • Book a customized, on-site Just Culture program that specifically meets your organization’s needs;  email us at or call us at 1-833-435-9979.

For dates, locations and registration for all open enrollment sessions go to the ALL PROGRAMS page.

Other Programs - for teams, hospitals and institutions

Saegis also offers programs for healthcare teams and leaders that are specialized and offered on-site at hospital and healthcare institutions. The programs are designed to improve teamwork, organizational culture and systems - click on the program name to learn more:

Several more programs are in development. Check back soon for new course offerings.

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