Just Culture Certification Course

The Just Culture Certification Course is an innovative program that has helped many organizations and healthcare institutions develop a more open and just culture. Saegis offers this program in partnership with Outcome Engenuity, the company that developed the Just Culture model.

The program is offered as: an open enrollment session for individuals physicians and healthcare professionals, or a more customized, on-site program for healthcare leaders and teams.

Participants will learn how to use the Just Culture Algorithm™ - a tool grounded in systems engineering, human factors and law. Leaders can use this tool to reinforce behaviour that improves systems and reduces negative outcomes, with the goal of improving patient safety. 

The program consists of 2.5 hours of pre-work, a 2-day in-person certification course, a 1.5 hour online certification exam and ongoing opportunities to learn through a range of online resources. 

"I can state unequivocally that the Just Culture work we have performed with Outcome Engenuity on improving our learning culture has been transformative."  - Alan Forster, Vice President, Quality, Performance & Population Health, The Ottawa Hospital 

This program is for: departmental leaders / directors / managers within healthcare institutions, including those involved in human resources.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Reduce adverse events
  • Improve systems
  • Improve operational reliability
  • Improve team morale

Materials Provided Include:

  • The Just Culture Algorithm™ v. 3.2
  • One-Year Subscription to the online Just Culture Assessment Tool
  • One-Year Subscription to the online Just Culture Academy

Topics to be Covered

  • The history of our social trend toward a more punitive, yet unaccountable culture.
  • The notions of duty, breach, and consequence as applied to inescapably fallible human beings.
  • The scientific, legal, and social basis for a more just culture.
  • The design of the Just Culture Algorithm™.
  • How to become a role model, mentor, and coach to your employees.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Just Culture Certification Course, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the role of an organization’s mission and values.
  • Define the factors of system design and good design strategies.
  • Describe the principles of managing the three core behaviours.
  • Describe the legal principles that provide the foundation for Just Culture.
  • Define the role played by leaders and the tools they use.
  • Identify the role of ‘the reasonable person standard’.
  • Evaluate the role of the ‘natural’ law.
  • Define and contrast outcome-based and procedure-based duties.
  • Define and describe the three duties and how to identify breaches of those duties.
  • Demonstrate proficiency using the Just Culture Algorithm™ through guided practice.
  • Feel confident to employ the online Just Culture Assessment Tool (JCAT).

Duration: 2.5 hours pre-work, plus 2-day in-person course and 1.5 hour online proficiency exam

Cost (open enrollment sessions): $1,600 per participant

In addition to the Just Culture Certification Course, Saegis can offer a more comprehensive, on-site Just Culture program that specifically meets your organization’s needs.

For more information about registering for an upcoming session or about customized sessions, please email us at or call us at 1-833-435-9979.

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