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MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program - Institutional

This program brings together the MCC 360, a multi-source feedback assessment tool developed by the Medical Council of Canada, with coaching by experienced and objective facilitators from Saegis. By working directly with participants, coaches help them effectively interpret the MCC 360 feedback and determine an action plan to positively move forward.

This program is for: Physicians


The MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program combines the MCC 360 Report with customized coaching by experienced facilitators allowing the physician to view the results in an objective and constructive manner, and includes the development of a personalized action plan. Coaches are generally other physicians or physician leaders. The MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program includes 2 one-hour sessions: the first immediately after the physician receives the report, and the second 4-6 weeks after the first session, or as appropriate for each individual's needs.

Different options for feedback and coaching support are offered to suit your organization’s requirements at varying price points.


The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) administers the MCC 360 process, which involves collecting feedback from multiple sources, providing support to physician participants and producing a MCC 360 feedback report. Once complete, participants are eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.

The MCC invests in research to continually improve all aspects of the MCC 360 process and tools.

Additional information and registration can be found on the MCC 360 website

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